From Iceland to Italy…

We thought we would introduce ourselves through the medium of food. Why not? So, we’ve each chosen a product or two that we would reach for first when cooking our favourite meals.


Dill Oil. A recent discovery as part of a Christmas present.

We can’t claim to be dill oil experts but in our experience, it makes for a fantastic salad dressing, particularly alongside the likes of scallops, salmon, apple and fennel. Scarlett and Mustard have a fab range of sauces, oils and dips and is definitely worth a visit. We also really like the smoked oil, it is great to use in chilli con carne and rich pasta dishes.

We found dill oil to be used time and time again in Iceland when watching Rick Stein’s Long Weekend in Reykjavik.  Fish, dill oil and local berries seemed to be a firm favourite and we can see why!



So here things take a turn for the Mediterranean. We like pasta. We really like pasta. Fresh, dried and especially homemade. After a few false starts, one of which resulted in an unintentional scone (yes, really!), we realised that homemade pasta really isn’t all that difficult given the right flour, cold hands and a bit of practice. We followed this recipe from Gennaro, one of the two Greedy Italians and now mainly wing it. Once this is right it’s really all in the sauce. The other Greedy Italian is of course Antonio Carluccio of restaurant and TV fame. We’ll be covering some of his great pasta sauces in next week’s blog.


Who doesn’t like Chocolate??? It would be all too easy to go down this route but we’re going to anyway. We like chocolate in its various guises, particularly combined with banana, peanuts, honeycomb or salted caramel. We love all those nice extra tasty bits that go with chocolate or ice cream. Chef Josh Eggleton’s DIY Ice Cream Sundae on the Great British Menu 2016 is our idea of perfection! We also loved Chef Colin McGurran’s peanut and chocolate ‘Homage to the Dickin Medal’ from the 2014 series and made a specific journey to his restaurant to try it. You can find a (rather long) recipe here . Let us know how you get on!



Easy. Icelandic Einstok Toasted Porter Ale for him. An Italian Aperol Spritz for her.

Back soon with Peruvian cocktails, our Carluccio’s haul and a funky chicken.



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