The Coolest Coffee Bean


What better way to start the weekend than with a steaming mug of coffee? It is the perfect wake-me-up.

Newcastle has a couple of independent purveyors of coffee, one of our favourites is Ouseburn Coffee Co. Self-styled as an Artisan Roastery, Ouseburn Coffee Co. grind and bag their beans fresh to order each day from their roastery in the Ouseburn Valley (open 9am-5pm Mon – Fri). We visited this week and can honestly say it is the coolest little East Coast style hideaway serving up coffees (short or long) and bags of stunning quality roasts to take home. The black, urban styling and raw interior took us straight back to a recent trip to Brooklyn.

We bought a bag of their Foundry No1. Coffee to try at home. We’ve had OCC’s coffee from their Fenwick’s Food Hall outlet and from the Quayside in the past, but we were really struck by the bonfire-like aroma when buying fresh. It lingers. And it is awesome.

It makes for a great quality espresso. It is smooth, flavoursome, toasty, not too bitter and really fresh. OCC uses beans from Latin America, Africa and the Far East, as single origin grinds or blends crafted to perfection. There are a couple of styles of coffee on offer from Ouseburn Coffee Co. including a decaf. The genius behind the brand also offers kicking espresso martinis – a must try.

Ever wondered where the caffeine goes from decaf coffee? Drinks manufacturers such as Coca Cola and Red Bull buy the extract and use it in their process to add that kick to their drinks. Who knew?

What’s great about Ouseburn Coffee Co. is that it is really easy to get hold of their artisan wares. Grinds that have been made with love and attention don’t have to be hard to come by. As well as their Fenwick outlet and Jesmond canteen, they have a roaming street bar and they can be found every weekend at Tynemouth Station Market. It is the perfect excuse to go to the Coast for a breath of crisp air and a mug full of coffee. We’ll be hauling from the market soon! Of course you can also go direct to their roastery too.

To boot, they have a great online store offering beans and a variety of grinds to suit all types of coffee making paraphernalia. With free postage and packaging, why wouldn’t you?

Good coffee is all well and good, but like a decent (any) wine, serve it in the wrong receptacle and its ruined!

We love Kinto’s SCS’s range of mugs (‘Slow Coffee Style’ NOT sofa store!). They’re gorgeous, slightly masculine and amazing quality. You’ll pay a bit extra for a Kinto (£15-£20) but they’re perfect for wintery days snuggled in with a cuppa! The Japanese brand is inspired by ‘the passion of craftsmen’ and champions ‘the ritual of savouring each cup of coffee’ (!) You can get these from Fenwicks home department at the moment.

Now, what would a grind be without some method to press it? As much as we like funky gadgets, there is not much better than a good press from a cafetière. Company ‘La Cafetière’(any guesses what they do?) have a range of French presses with a lovely plunge! We’ve also just stumbled across these Bodum Travel Press Sets for the time pressed coffee lover ()! Due to be delivered soon, we’ll let you know if they’re any good.

Why not dig out your cafetière, dust off your percolator and pop along to your local roaster, wherever you are, for some proper coffee. They might even make you a cup like Ouseburn Coffee co. do, let’s face it, we don’t all have fancy gadgets (or the will to use them…).


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