mmm…you’re in for a treat

Morning All!

The Deep South, Arabian Middle East, South East Asia or little old North-East of England, if you’re after produce from near or afar, you can do a lot worse that popping by mmm… and glug… Perhaps you don’t really know what you’re looking for. It’s a great place to go for foodie (and drinkie) inspiration.

mmm… and glug… an unusual name you might think. Yes. But very clever. Never has a conversation been had about a quick trip to this awesome emporium that hasn’t turned into a full description of what it is and where it is. Crafty.

It is a great little independent store with big plans located in Newcastle’s Grainger Market, seeing as you ask, where delicious goodies from around the world are to be discovered. Find out more here.

With their own range of herbs, spices and store cupboard essentials (online store coming soon, we understand) you can get everything you need to whip up the perfect loaf, stew or curry.


Why stop there? There are oodles of (noodles), amazing sauces, dips, oils and jams amongst local market dwelling specialists such as Mr Vikkis and The Nut Roaster (we love their 100% pure nut butters!). We’ve recently spied Maple Macon Jam from The Sweet Beet on Twitter and can’t wait to return to mmm… and glug… to pick some up. In fact, we see a U.S haul coming on soon…


Proprietors Ian and Simone are open, knowledgeable and up for a natter about their stock. It is a friendly place with regular events focused on meeting the men and women behind the brands, sharing ideas and recipes to get the best out of them.

This place oozes quality and variety. Testament to their foodie credentials is the support shown by Thomasina Miers (the woman behind Mexican chain Wahaca) in her book ‘Wahaca Mexican Food at Home’ where mmm… and glug… is referenced as a key supplier of Mexican ingredients. Typically ahead of the curve when it comes to food trends, mmm… and glug… were sourcing Mexican supplies well before the bug hit.


Mystic Meg Moment: We think Japanese food will take hold in an even bigger way in coming years. We’ll be captivated by their culture during the 2019 Rugby World Cup and 2020 Tokyo Olympics…

You might wonder where the ‘glug’ bit comes in. That deserves a post all of its own! But if you’re looking for craft ales, good wine and local spirits, then look no further. Proud to support the independent brewers’ movement ‘Tryanuary’, the glug section of the store features a wide range of beers from in and around the North-East and further afield.

‘Just say mmm’ they say as a sign off on Twitter, and you surely will. It’s our favourite little independent bazaar for ‘under-one-roof’ tasty titbits!


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