Blogging about Blagdon

In conclusion, a great place for essentials and treats alike (but we really like the treats…!) …

…We thought it apt to start today’s blog at the end, given we commenced our haul by entering through the exit of our chosen location following an attempt to enter the neighbouring Coffee Shop through the kitchen…

This weekend we’ve been hauling in the Blagdon Estate in Northumberland. Home to a cluster of some of the best local food and drink merchants, it bursts with suppliers of cheese (Northumberland Cheese Company is but a stone’s throw away), baked goods, quality meat and canny pubs. Today we focused our attention in the Blagdon Farm Shop in the Milkhope Centre, a tiny hamlet within the estate.


Our haul: A basket full of treats. Oops.

Whilst there is no lack of essentials at Blagdon Farm Shop with bread, meat, fresh fruit and veg, (stacked up in a particularly appealing manner!) it is also packed full of tempting pots, jars and bags of tasty morsels.


As well as featuring products from a wide range of mainly artisan suppliers, Blagdon Farm Shop also stocks all sorts of homemade and ‘own-brand’ bits and pieces.


With our bill coming to just a touch under £30 (averaging approx. £2.25/item), we came away with numerous homemade goodies and several jars of jams and chutneys amongst a couple of sweet treats. Only a small bar of chocolate came from a supplier from outside of the North East.


We bought:

·    Sausage Rolls (amazingly flaky pastry, no soggy bottoms or grainy meat here!)

·    Blue Cheese and Walnut Scones (very flavoursome, but add plenty of butter or do the old 3 slice method for maximum buttery surface area)

·    Alnwick Rum Truffle Ice Cream by Doddington Dairy (just lush, but where’s the raisins?)

·    Ginger Ice Cream by Doddington Dairy (buy it, nothing more to add)

·    Mint Chocolate Ice Cream by Doddington Dairy (not yet tasted, we’re not that greedy…)

·    Green and Black’s mini milk chocolate bar (the intruder in the local haul)

·    Spicy Carrot and Sweet Potato Chutney by Wiga Wagaa Chilli’s (an unusual twist on the chutney)

·    Apricot Jam by Jean’s Jams (who doesn’t like apricot jam, one for us to try this week)

·     Chilli Jam by Gosforth’s Yummy Things (looking forward to trying this with a bacon and brie sandwich perhaps…)

·    Almond Butter by The Nut Roaster (toasty, sticky, nutty and gorgeous, perfect spread on toast with banana and maple syrup…)

·    Fentimans Dandelion and Burdock (takes us back to the 90s)


We were really happy to be introduced to a couple of suppliers that we weren’t already aware of and to rediscover Doddington Dairy in particular. We are in love with their ginger and rum ice creams.


The Blagdon Estate is a great little place, and we’re sure there are more gems to be discovered yet. We’d love to learn more about The Blagdon Home Farm with its focus on superior taste and quality through a return to traditional farming methods.




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