It started with the Super Bowl

Well, 8 hours before the Super Bowl to be precise, with the dousing of a leg of pork with ‘The Pig Easy American BBQ Style Pulled Pork Gourmet Sauce Mix‘ (to give it its full title…)


Some hours later, a resistance to peeking that the French would be proud of and we had ourselves a bowl of pulled pork nachos with all the trimmings. With a dollop of guacamole and a fist full of Doritos (and a couple of Shipyard IPAs), this post was born.

The sauce mix by Gordon Rhodes (Gary‘s Dad?) is simple to use and delivers epic results. The handwork is already taken care of in the blending of smoked paprika, fennel and chipotle chillis. Just add pot, water, pork and a squidge of honey at the end. Leave for at least 8 hours for maximum porky pulling.

We bought the pack from Blagdon Farm Shop (see our ‘Blogging from Blagdon‘ post here) but you can also head to the online shop at for a full range of sauce mixes, hot rubs, stuffings and the snazzily named ‘Gluten Free Dinner Accompaniments’.

All this Americana got us thinking about a couple of meat rubs we brought back from the U.S last year. Ybor City, Fl., originally populated by Cubans and Spaniards who worked in the city’s cigar factories, hosts Florida’s oldest restaurant which also happens to be the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. It also happens to have an awesome foodie shop.


The Columbia‘ is undoubtedly impressive but its adjoined store is where the fun really begins! Having stocked up on southern style seasoning and been suitably enlightened as to exactly what you can do with a beer can and a chicken, we headed back to Newcastle. As luck would have it, before we got a chance to cook using our freshly acquired Beer Can Chicken seasoning, Hotel Du Vin released a sharing menu featuring just the thing. We had to go…


Propped on a can of BrewDog Elvis Juice, a grapefruit infused American IPA, was a juicy roast with a real taste of hops and citrus. Just delicious. We recently tried this at home and it worked really well! The resulting chicken was crispy on the outside and steamed with hoppy goodness on the inside.

If stuffing a chicken with a can isn’t your bag, why not try a roast with a bottle of Northern Alchemy‘s Grapefruit and Rosemary Sour (itself a collaboration with BrewDog Bar, Newcastle) on the side, or an Anarchy Brew Co Citra Star for a more subtle combination.

In preparation for this post, we undertook a bit of a U.S haul (mainly to provide snacks whilst writing…). We can’t wait to try Luchito Smoked Chilli Mayo and New Orleans Gumbo Paste. The Tootsie Roll has already gone (what is all that about?), along with the TGI Fridays Crunchy Fries. And the Jerky… Jerky never lasts in this household.









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