A little slice of Serrano in a little slice of Spain

La Casa Delicatessen in Newcastle’s Grainger Market is really something special (@LDelicatessen). So much so that ‘this is my favourite place in the whole world’ may have escaped one of our mouthes whilst procuring an assortment of Spanish goodies. This may be a teeny tiny bit dramatic but the sentiment really does remain.


Fresh carvings of Jamón Serrano and Queso Manchego whilst perusing shelves stuffed with Spain’s finest foodie offerings took us straight back to some of our favourite holidays.


‘La Casa’, born in 2015, sets out to offer ‘the most exclusive products of Spanish gourmet’ and what a welcome approach this is to Newcastle. The tiny ‘tienda’ is stuffed with hams, chorizo, pâté, nibbles, wine, beer, and….we could go on for a long time… olives, oils, olive oils, vinegars…you get the picture. Produce comes straight from various regions in Spain at an affordable price. Worth it for the fantastic assortment and quality.


We chose to create a tapas set for a Saturday night in and our haul included wine, beer, a chunk of stunning aged brandy manchego, a generous plate of serrano ham, a couple of tapas pots, nibbles, pickled peppers and octopus. The cheese was absolutely stunning on its own, on olive bread from The French Oven ( @frenchoven also in the Grainger Market) and also paired with a tiny dribble of honey. We were really intrigued by the ready to eat tapas pots and they didn’t disappoint. We chose Patatas al Romesco and Pollo al Curry they were both delicious, particularly with some chunks of crusty loafs to mop up!


With whole Iberico Ham legs on sale at close to £500, they certainly meet the exclusive brief but there  is also so much more than that and we can’t recommend it highly enough.


The online shop hosts a real variety of really lovely produce and, even better, offers great value and unique hampers which can be made to order (that’s all birthdays and Christmases for our loved ones sorted for the foreseeable…). Hampers can be created from glossy boxes, baskets, mini suitcases and even paella pans then stuffed with your choice of any of La Casa’s products.

Whilst the online shop is no doubt convenient and offers a great range, it really is worth a visit to meet the owners, try the samples on offer and to be momentarily transported to a little slice of Spain.




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