Canny Gadgies at a Canny Market

Canny /’kani/ Adjective (Pleasant, nice, showing sound judgement…)

We hauled ourselves to Northumberland this week on a very specific mission to find some sweet treats. We found ourselves at the wonderful Alnwick Market, nestled in a pretty cobbled town and set against the background of the impressive Alnwick castle.

We left laden with fruit and veg, sausages, jam, the most fantastic savoury crepe, ginger wine, a whole host of local beers (and one for the family dog…)  but our biggest haul came from the lovely David at Canny Candy Gadgies.


After some twitter chatter with the lovely people behind Alnwick Markets and Canny Candy Gadgies, we trekked North with the promise of gourmet popcorn and flavourful fudge. We were not disappointed!

Canny Candy Gadgies create their products with a big focus on flavour and quality, using traditional cooking techniques and only the best suppliers to extract maximum taste. The company comes from third generation confectioners and is award winning so you can be sure of expertise.  Working hand in glove with ‘Ultimate English’ of Harrogate, another family company, Canny Candy Gadgies has had awesome success as members of the Guild of Fine Food through which they have provided their wares to the UK’s Royals…

It’s a philosophy and heritage that the guys are keen to communicate to their customers to set themselves apart from their competitors. Fudge is made in a slow, methodical fashion using original copper pans, their peanut brittle is chunky and cooked ‘just so’ to create a sparkling gem rock of nutty goodness, the honeycomb is dense and tangy and their gourmet popcorns are massive on the most unusual flavours. We sampled the coconut ice and whilst we can appreciate the flavour and quality, desiccated coconut just isn’t for us. If you like a bounty or other coconutty treats, you’ll love this.


Their market stalls are stuffed to the brim with tasters. As David says, when you’re confident in your product, you let it speak for itself. And it really does. We were particularly taken by the ‘flavour forward’ gourmet popcorns in flavours such as Orange Soda and Tikka. We don’t know how they do it but the flavours are really pure, set on a crunchy texture (not soggy) whilst looking completely natural. The popcorns are provided in generously stuffed bags (we poured some out, ate quite a lot, tried to put the remainder in the pack and we were still trying to stuff them in. Magic?). Re-sealable bags ensure the product is kept fresh, much needed when you buy 6 bags…

We came away with:

  • Fudge – Bakewell Tart / Ginger / Salted Caramel / Rum and Raisin


  • Gourmet Popcorn: Tikka / Sweet Chilli and Lime / Buffalo BBQ / Hot and Spicy / Orange Soda / Raspberry Ripple / Banana Split


  • Peanut Brittle (looks like something you’d find in a gem rock museum…)


  • Chocolate Honeycomb


We bought ourselves £20 worth of fudge, brittle, honeycomb and popcorn and were lucky enough to receive a couple of extra flavours. All views are our own and are genuinely discriminate to champion only things that we really love!













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