Loving The Chocolate Smiths – legendry in the making

There is a bunch of chocolatiers local to Newcastle who are creating quite a stir with their weird, wacky and wonderful luxury handmade chocolate bars. Imagine your favourite night in the local pub. Perhaps with a lovely plate of chips, washed down with a cold beer. A curry may be your thing instead and you like to go a bit exotic with a Mojito. Maybe you prefer the finer things in life, cheese and crackers paired with a nice glass of bubbly or G&T. Now imagine being able to make your favourite combinations without even leaving the house. Better still, these flavour sensations are contained within the most luxurious Belgian chocolate bar. Intrigued? We were.

The Chocolate Smiths, operating out of the North Tyne Industrial Estate but selling online, through their exclusive range at Fenwick and in food halls throughout the land, are close to alchemy. Yet their chocolate retains all of the tastiness and goodness of a really excellent bar of chocolate. What is this wizardry?


To boot, their bars come wrapped in golden foil taking us straight back to Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka. The Chocolate Smiths are creating chocolate fun without being too wacky for its own good, its definitely worth a try.

Their staple ‘Greetings from Northumberland’ is a completely moreish chocolate without the added flavour, testament to the true quality of The Chocolate Smiths. Their flavour combinations though are really fascinating and just as tasty, as odd as they may seem to the inexperienced ‘Bizarre Bar’ palate.

Pretzel and Peanut Butter (a personal favourite), Veggie Bacon (very specific), Cinder Toffee and Marshmallow (haven’t tried this but absolutely must!), Vanilla Bubble-gum, Scorpion Chilli, Cheese and Cracker, Salted Caramel Brownie, Birthday Cake…the list goes on. There is more too to be found in Fenwick Food Hall’s exclusive range. Prosecco, Mojito (another personal favourite!), Gin and Tonic, Beer, Chip Shop Curry Sauce and Chips, Tikka Masala…We can’t say we have tried all of them (we’re steadily getting there…) but what we have tried has been wonderful. They make a great gift for a foodie (or drinkie) or a chocolate lover. We know some people can be chocolate purists but the quality is really not lost in these bars.


As we’re approaching Easter, The Chocolate Smiths have bought out some great Easter Eggs. Presented in a traditional egg box, you’ll find 6 golden wrapped eggs of good size. The neat surprise is that these aren’t hollow eggs, as many are, but each is chocked full of lovely Belgian chocolate with additional tasty treats included. We were so pleased to see these eggs by The Chocolate Smiths up there with old Faberge, clearly chocolate legendry in the making…


We love the branding and passion from these guys, it is addictive, just as their chocolate is. With bars priced at around £3.99 (3 for £10.50 deal online) and £6 for the Easter Eggs, we think you could do worse than supporting these locals. Let us know what you think!


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