Scream if you wanna go hotter! Why we love Screaming Chimp

A few weeks ago we stumbled across Screaming Chimp at the first Kells Lane market in Low Fell.

Lured to the Screaming Chimp stand by the tasting station carrying fruity, smoky and blow your head off spicy sauces, we each were drawn to opposite ends of the spectrum and came away with a little chimp-sized haul.


We love Pineapple, Chimpotle and Vic’s Ole Smokey and we have them with about 90% of our evening meals at the moment. We’ve had pineapple with Chinese food, Ole Smokey with Russian food and Chimpotle for homemade tortilla based pizzas. They’re delicious.


Screaming Chimp, led by Mr and Mrs Chimp, (obviously), use as many home-grown chillies as possible to create their handmade sauces. Combined with high quality local ingredients, Screaming Chimp sauces are big on flavour and quality. There are no vinegar-led spices here, just rounded, tasty, chilli combinations balanced with a range of other flavours. The texture is always smooth and silky but with bite.


It’s not hard to fall for Screaming Chimp. Mr and Mrs Chimp’s enthusiasm is infectious, they’re warm, friendly, welcoming and passionate about their business. It’s a passion that is serving them well. With big plans, a welcoming brand and recent listing in Newcastle’s Fenwick Food Haul, the future looks bright for these Chimps!


Follow them on Twitter @screaming_chimp to see where they’re heading next with their pop up stand, head online or into Fenwick Food Hall to grab a selection. We don’t think that you’ll be disappointed and watch out for new and different products coming soon!



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