Block & Bottle – Gateshead’s newest trailblazer

If you love beer and you love meat, Block & bottle in the Bridges Quarter (Gateshead End of the Tyne and High Level Bridges) is a must visit. We literally can’t get enough of it.


Not only can you buy a range of quality, free-range, rare breed and cured meats, you can stock up on the finest of craft beers too. What’s not to love? The butcher cum bottle shop opened in April and has been on a roll since!


We’ve really enjoyed using excellent quality meats in various cuisines as we turn our attention to recipes from around the world. We’re certainly no Tom Kerridge and Nigella Lawson but what we have brought home from Block & Bottle has definitely carried our attempts, helped along by recommendations from Steven, the man behind the ‘Block’ bit of Block & Bottle.


We’ve tried fresh steak and chicken and had both beef and pork freshly minced to order. Their jerky and charcuterie is now ready and it will be well worth a visit to try! We heard today that someone recently walked out with 1kg of jerky, it must be good!


They’re now stockists of ‘Fairley’s Fine Condiments’ too. We think their steak sauce is the perfect accompaniment for Block & Bottle’s…..steak. You can also grab Fairley’s garlic and tomato sauce there too, as well as a range of awesome rubs.



Katie, in the ‘Bottle’ section has pulled together a host of amazing craft beers from near and afar. She told us that her passion developed after trying a beer from Sierra Nevada, her Grandmother’s namesake. She has definitely helped to broaden our horizons a little and we’ve discovered styles that we wouldn’t usually have reached for (Black Pilsner anyone?).


However, not only can you buy a whole host of different bottles and cans here, you can also fill up a Growler from their ever changing selection of kegs or enjoy an in-store pint. Katie’s happy to provide little tasters so you can try before you buy too.


We’ve heard great things about the ‘on tap’ selection and have started a Growler loyalty card (10th one free!). This week’s range included a welcome addition from Wylam Brewery, the brand new ‘Swipe Right’.


We love this place and look forward to future events, there are plans for butchery classes, beer and meat pairings and a whole range of tastings.



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