Carruthers and Kent – A destination for fine wine and quality local delicacies

Carruthers and Kent, located close to Gosforth High Street hardly needs a young blog like this to promote it, but we’re going to anyway. We’ve found somewhere that we really like and we really want to share it!

Carruthers and Kent is owned by Claire Carruthers and Mo O’Toole and has a focus on high quality, unusual and interesting wines from around the globe. Both owners have travelled the world, exploring some of the world’s best vineyards, and there is plenty of choice for the connoisseurs amongst us and loads of guidance for the novices.


This place isn’t just a library of interesting wines to take away though, there is also a sit in wine bar where you can try flights of wine, taste one of the monthly favourites served by the glass or you can pick a bottle off the shelf to drink in-store for just £5 more. The draw to do this really lies in the C&K deli, also in-store, from which you can order a meat or cheese platter to enjoy with your chosen beverage. It’s a buzzing little bar with locals popping in and out to pick up their favourites or to find something new.


Carruthers and Kent run a membership scheme, awarded by a stamp for every £10 spent on wine and £10 off after 10 stamps. It’s not hard to see why people who like something a little different, something you can’t necessarily find in a supermarket, come back time and again.

We love Carruthers and Kent’s partnerships with local suppliers. They stock the following amongst many other lovely bits and pieces!




Carruthers and Kent host a number of events in their store and the space above it and they will soon host their first summer wine festival on 6th August as part of the Q Festival.


This is a really special place for wine enthusiasts, or those just keen to learn and definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area. It is a new found favourite for us and we’ll be sure to fill up our membership card time and again.



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