#F1CookAlong Australia – A fishy feast

Race 1 of the season sees the F1 Circus headed to Albert Park in Melbourne, Australia. To kick-off #F1CookAlong, we've taken inspiration from the fantastic coastlines found down under and the amazing suppliers of fish found around the North East of England to create a small fishy feast for 2. We headed to Newcastle's Grainger Market to... Continue Reading →

#F1CookAlong – The Launch

To coincide with the 2017 F1 season, we're launching #F1CookAlong. What better way to combine two of life's finest f's than to celebrate each F1 race with amazing food from the host country? Following a trial run in 2016 which saw us explore ingredients and recipes from Mexico to Malaysia and everywhere in between, we'll be... Continue Reading →

Canny Gadgies at a Canny Market

Canny /'kani/ Adjective (Pleasant, nice, showing sound judgement...) We hauled ourselves to Northumberland this week on a very specific mission to find some sweet treats. We found ourselves at the wonderful Alnwick Market, nestled in a pretty cobbled town and set against the background of the impressive Alnwick castle. We left laden with fruit and veg,... Continue Reading →

A ‘knight’ at Unsworth’s Yard

Think of Cartmel, Cumbria and you might settle on drooling memories of sticky toffee pudding and the excitement of Cartmel races. A medieval village in North West England, Cartmel is a bustling little town fit to bursting with lovely trinket shops, cafes, traditional pubs and some serious dining calibre (two Michelin starred L'Enclume to name just one... Continue Reading →

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